Cricket Sublimation Uniform 

Cricket Sublimation Uniform​

Fabric used in Sports Jerseys and Uniforms is special type of fabric, suitable for sports player. Sports jersey should be quick drying, stretchable to avoid movement restriction and comfortable to improve player performance. 

Types of fabrics used at STONEHILL:

PMC | Polyester Mixed with Cotton | Poly Cotton

Polly Cotton is blend of cotton and polyester, usually a composition of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. Proportion of cotton and polyester can be changed as per fabric specifications. PMC is stronger than pure cotton and comfortable on skin.
PMC is light weight and allows air to pass through it. It is shiny fabric and
looks bright on players. This fabric is used in many sports dresses and jerseys like football, cricket, hockey, basketball, volleyball, baseball etc. 

GSM for PMC is 160-170.

Stonehill sublimation is made with our latest technology used with the best available ink for our sublimation machine.